The Blazy & Bob Show ROCKS! 6-9am.

Listening to The Blazy & Bob Show is like driving around with your best buddies in the car every morning.

Have a good time in the morning and hear a lot of your favorite classic rock.

They’ll get your morning rockin', and they'll get you laughin' too!

6:15 and 8:15 The Blues News, the funniest stories of the day 7:45 One Minute Inside a Woman's Head

Listeners are the stars on things like Right Song, Wrong Lyrics. Been singing the wrong lyrics to a famous song? Call in with your wrong lyrics.

#1 vote getter, CCR "There's a Bathroom on the Right" instead of " There's
a Bad Moon on the Rise." #2 Blinded by the Light, #3 Hendrix “‘scuze me
while I kiss the sky.”

Many calls come in for Worst First Date Ever. Listeners tell hilarious stories
of first dates and how they knew there wouldn't be a follow up.

Blazy & Bob continue to interview the biggest names in rock. They also
like to hit the road and treat their listeners to a one of a kind experience.
Last year, Blazy toured central and northern California with Journey,Foreigner, Styx, and Night Ranger and personally escorted their grand
prize winners in each city backstage for an exclusive Meet & Greet with the
bands. All the bands were guests the next morning.

Listen in as they continue to giveaway tickets to the biggest concerts and comedy shows.

Hippo listeners have made them #1 in the morning! Make them #1 on your
dial and #1 if anyone ever asks about radio, tell them

The Blazy & Bob Show rocks Nor Cal mornings, on 93 9, The Hippo!

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